Best Motorcycle Gear

Best Motorcycle Gear

There is one thing that comes second after buying a bike. Not riding it yet, but buying the protective gear. This is as important as just getting your own motorcycle and it can save your life if somehow you get in a crash. But there is one thing to keep in mind: no matter the skill level of the rider, everyone crashes with their motorcycle at some point in the riding “career”. No matter the level of being careful, it still happens. And our bodies are greatly impacted by an accident that can even lead to death.

Although our bodies haven’t evolved at all overtime, technology did. And thanks to technology, we are able to protect ourselves better today, and make the most of our passion for motors. Hence we’re able to ride the most powerful motorcycles and also wear the most effective protection gear we can afford.

Speaking of safety standards, helmets are the most important item that you can’t just not have.

This is a Neotec Modular Helmet that can be purchased for $648.99 – $662.99. This is of course, the high end of helmets, and cheaper helmets can also be purchased at as little as $60 like the one below.

The helmets come in various styles and categories for streets, to protect against dirt, full face, cruiser helmets, open face helmets, and even half helmets. Their price range also varies a lot, and that said, no matter the budget, you can still get one that will protect your head from being injured in a motorcycle crash.

The jackets, pants and suits protect against skin abrasion. It really hurts to have your skin damaged. They can be made of textile garments and leather, and the quality really matters when you want to stay protected. Thicker items will last longer and multiple offs than the thin items.

The size should not be larger than your actual size. Don’t worry if you want to add some layers underneath, the space is already thought into the item. Another thing to consider when getting motorcycle gear is the waterproof membrane. Think about riding your motor in the rain. It would be a pain to do so and couldn’t enjoy it if you don’t have something to protect you against getting wet all over. Pick something good, which is probably more expensive, because it will keep the water from leaking in every possible space in your clothes.

Now, the most important thing that will protect your vital organs from being damaged if you get into an accident is called a body-armor. These are the padding that will cover your body and will keep you alive in a crash. It’s a good idea to invest in a good armor that will also keep your bones intact. The armor should be CE rated, and a tight fit so that it doesn’t shift its position in a crash. Chest armor may be inconvenient to wear, but protects your heart, lungs and rib cage from being damaged. The body-armor below is priced around $270 and is an example of what to look for when purchasing protection. If you are on a budget, a two piece suit should do until you upgrade to full protection.

Boots are also a serious item not to be missed from the gear. They protect the feet and ankles so that you are still able to walk if you get into a crash. The boots you look for should not look like sneakers. They should be looking like this (expensive):

Or this (cheaper):

To make sure that your feet and ankles are not subject to injuries.
These are the most important items to think about when purchasing your protective gear. Not only will keep you alive in a crash, but it will also make you look very cool. No matter how expensive the protective gear may be, you won’t be sorry if you will eventually crash. Better stay safe than sorry.