5 Must-have Apps for Bikers

5 Must-have Apps for Bikers

When you just want to enjoy a day on the road on your motorcycle, the last thing you want to worry about is how much road traffic there is or where the nearest petrol stations are. Besides using our phones to learn more about mobile bet bonus codes, we can now enjoy some of the best apps that will better our biking experience. Let’s look at the 5 must-have apps that both beginners and experienced bikers will love. 

Eat Sleep Ride

The first app on our list, Eat Sleep Ride, is one of the most popular among bikers today and we can see why – the app offers everything you need to have a great time with your motorcycle. You can see your statistics such as mileage and speed of your ride, as well as share photos and routes with your fellow bikers. Moreover, you can advertise an event or a club you are a part of. One of the best aspects of this app is that it can detect a motorcycle crash and it immediately notifies the contacts you selected. If that wasn’t enough, the app is free and available for download on both iOS and Android. 

Best Biking Roads

One of the best parts of biking is discovering new places and routes. A great app that can help you with finding new roads and places to see is Best Biking Roads. What’s great about this app is that the roads are recommended by other bikers and since there are about 20000 bikers on the app, you will find a couple of routes for you. Moreover, you will also be able to see photos and videos, as well as any important information about a specific road so that you know which one to choose. 


One thing that can easily ruin your biking experience is road traffic. That’s where apps like Waze come in handy as they inform you of any road closures, traffic jams, or accidents that might be happening on your route. The app connects bikers all over your area so that you can all notify each other on anything you believe might be important. If you need navigation, Waze also offers voice-guided navigation, as well as where petrol stations are or what you can see on your route. 


If you often find yourself worrying about bike maintenance, AUTOist is an amazing app that will remind you of everything you need to do to keep your motorcycle in top condition. You can store all important data and set reminders about tire replacement, MOT and service dates, and so much more. Moreover, if you have several bikes or other vehicles, the app can store information about all of them and remind you when each vehicle needs to be checked. 

Moto Magazine

With a yearly subscription on both iOS and Android, you can access all the latest news in the world of motorcycles, including races or new bike releases. With Moto Magazine you will have all the important information in the palm of your hand and never miss out on what is going on.