Harley Davidson – the brand or a lifestyle?

Harley Davidson – the brand or a lifestyle?

Becoming a lifestyle brand is every brand’s dream. Instead of being just a name people can buy, lifestyle brands are a part of their buyers’ identity and can connect with them more personally. It is a sure way to get your brand on a list of the most famous or most loved brands in the world. One of the brands that has certainly managed to become a lifestyle for thousands of people worldwide is Harley Davidson, everyone’s favorite motorcycle manufacturer. Today we take a look at their brilliant marketing strategy in order to see how exactly Harley Davidson managed to achieve phenomenal success. 

A clear image

One of the most important things for any brand is knowing exactly what you represent. If people don’t have a clear image of your brand, it is never going to become a part of their lifestyle. Harley Davidson knew exactly what impression they wanted to make on people and they’ve always stayed true to their identity. The feelings of individuality and freedom, as well as being ‘a rebel by choice’ and ‘a true American’ are now embedded in every biker riding a Harley Davidson. 

From bikers to bikers

One of the first things a Harley Davidson fan experiences is a sense of community. You can be sure that the Harley Davidson team, as well as their fanbase, are all bikers just like you, and that you are all connected through your mutual love for motorcycles. Nothing else is really important, and no other criteria determine whether you belong or not. In 1983, the company discovered the true potential of having a community and founded The Harley Owner’s Group (HOG). There are now more than a million members worldwide and even children and people without driving licenses can become a part of the group. That was a great way for the company to get closer to their fans and encourage them to attend events, rallies, and charity drives, as well as allow them to share their opinions and positive criticism. 

The ‘Captain America’ bike

Product placement is nothing new, but it can definitely be legendary if done correctly. The 1969 movie Easy Rider quickly became a cult movie for all bikers, but one motorcycle, in particular, took all the spotlight. Harley Davidson ‘Captain America’ bike became a symbol of freedom and renewals of the 1970s and 1980s, a phenomenon that every biker wanted to own. And they could, for an incredibly high price. The last one of these bikes was sold in 2914, for $1.35 million. This just proves how much Harley Davidson appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds and how much it meant for people to be a part of that lifestyle.

Amazing events

Harley Davidson also organizes and sponsors numerous events, thus strengthening the sense of community even further. Knowing that customer engagement is one of the key ingredients of its marketing strategy, the company gives the fans events to remember. One of the most favorite ones is the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally where you can try out Harley bikes, socialize with other bike lovers, form long-lasting friendships and buy Harley Davidson merchandise. All of this strengthens the bonds people have with the brand, making it a part of their lifestyle, something they will cherish forever. 

Harley Clothing

Harley clothes was another brilliant way of becoming a part of people’s identity. Not only can you ride a Harley Davidson bike, but you can also represent that part of you in your clothing so that everybody can instantly know your personality. Even if you don’t even have a bike or a driver’s license! Moreover, the brand gets promotions everywhere you go, so it is a win-win situation for them.