Best motorcycles for city

Best motorcycles for city

Motorcycles are a lot better for commuting than a car or a bicycle. They are faster than cars when the streets are clogged, and faster than bicycles because they have motors. They are narrow and can weave through traffic. Below is a small list of 5 motorcycles that are stylish and suitable for commuting in the city.

1. Honda NC700X

This bike is the most convenient bikes for commuting in the city. At a starting price of $7,499, the Honda NC700X meets the needs of a city traveler, be it going to work or to the grocery store. It has a small built in compartment and that is a big plus, especially because the storage space is a problem in motorcycles. The bike is taller and narrow and ensures a fast ride to the point of destination.

2. Zero S

The Zero S motorcycle is one of the very few bikes that are more eco friendly. This bike is light, small, and it has a powerful electric motor. The price is also convenient knowing that the impact on the environment will be less damaging than a regular motorcycle. The bike is sold starting at $9,900 and comes with 54 horsepower.

3. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

This bike is one of the most stylish in town. Sold for $8,000, it has a powerful 41 horsepower and a more manageable 399 cc engine. The Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 is a smaller copy of Ducati’s popular Scrambler. It has a lower weight, it’s smaller and it keeps the retro stylish look.

4. Honda Grom

The Honda Grom is a small bike, very sporty and efficient because it’s very light. The small size will make the bike a lot easy to park and store in the garage. This small beautiful bike has an engine of 125 cc with 9 horsepower. The Honda Grom is sold at around $3,200.

5. KTM Duke 690

This is a very stylish supermoto that is suitable for more advanced bikers. Priced at around $9,000, the Duke supermoto has a 690 cc engine and weighs 148.5 kg. Less weight means better handling for the riders who own this beauty. It’s perfect for mountain roads or nipping between traffic when commuting in the city. However, the bike might be a bit on the expensive side compared with other brands with the same engine capacity.