Motorcycles and Beer – are They Ever a Good Combination?

Motorcycles and Beer – are They Ever a Good Combination?

As contentment-driven species, people come up with new ways of enjoying things every day. We invented 3D to enjoy movies more and promo codes to enjoy online casinos even more. Another two of humanity’s great inventions are motorcycles and beer. We completely agree. There is nothing wrong with enjoying both of these things – just not at the same time. Take a look at what happens to your senses and skills under the influence of alcohol and why riding your motorcycle while drunk is a horrible idea. 

Does one drink help? 

When you ask beer lovers why they like to mix beer and motorcycles, many will tell you that one or two beers help them concentrate. This is not the case. Drinking a small amount of alcohol does sometimes help some people focus on one specific task. Focusing on only one thing while riding your motorcycle is not a good thing, as there are many things you have to think about.

One drink makes you more confident

This is true in many cases, but, again, is it a good thing? When a non-experienced motorcyclist suddenly feels overly confident, they will no longer be as careful as they need to be. Moreover, the competitive spirit often rises when people are drinking, so some might feel encouraged to drive faster than they should or ignore rules and limitations. You might think confidence is great when it comes to riding a motorcycle, but not if it makes you discard safety measures. 

What happens when you drink more?

The main problem with drinking beer is that your reaction time is severely reduced. Alcohol makes it impossible for you to react quickly to other vehicles or any accidents that might happen. Often drunk drivers end up riding off the road as they were not able to turn when the road turned. This makes it very easy for you to get into an accident that would have been easily avoided otherwise. Motorcyclist accidents are often even worse than car ones as there is nothing to protect you if you do end up crashing.

Is beer different from hard liquor? 

There is a common misconception that beer and wine are more manageable than other types of alcohol. However, this isn’t true – they do have a smaller percentage of alcohol per milliliter, but you usually drink them in much larger quantities. If you want to drive safely, the best advice would be to avoid alcohol altogether.

Where can you enjoy both? 

Motorcycle events are a great place where you can combine your love for motorcycles and beer – as long as you are not the one driving, of course. At these events, you will be able to drink your beer freely while socializing with fellow bikers.