Bike repairs – Should you do it yourself?

Bike repairs – Should you do it yourself?

Every cyclist, whether professional or recreational one, or even every person that simply owns a bike will from time to time have to deal with some bike repairs. These things happen to every bike, and can be easily fixable or on the more complicated side. This is simply something we all have to accept when buying a bike. Now the question is this: when these bike problems occur, should we try to fix them on our own, or leave them to the professionals? Of course, it would be easier to hire a mechanic and sit back while he does his job and you relax on the couch playing some games or betting online with the Betano bonus. But, it would also be cheaper and more rewarding if you were to fix the bike yourself. Therefore, we’ve made a simple guide that you can use to see if it is an easy repair, or if you’ll make it worse by fixing it yourself. 

Basic repairs

It’s pretty obvious why most people choose to fix their bikes on their own – fixing it professionally costs money. But it’s not only that. When you manage to fix the issue, you get the feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and independence. You feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. Well, when it comes to very easy repairs, you can definitely pump the tyres or check and adjust the brakes yourself. Lubing the chain is also a pretty easy thing you can do whenever your bike needs it.

These things are not only easy (usually under 10 mins), but you kind of have to do them regularly, and it isn’t worth taking your bike to the mechanic for such small things. 

More complicated

Now, when it comes to more intermediate repairs, such as a full M safety check or adjusting gears, it depends on a person. If you are skillful, and have the proper tools, you can definitely do these things on your own. For example, there are a lot of videos online that can show you how to install new pads, replace an inner tube, or change the chain yourself, and you can try following them for a bit of guidance. Since they are more difficult than the basic repairs, they might take you more time and effort, but the reward is that much better. 

Mechanic needed

We’re not saying that you definitely shouldn’t do these things alone – of course, if you already have some experience and feel confident that you can do them, go ahead. However, the majority of cyclists out there either don’t know how to fix these issues, or don’t have time for it. These things include: installing new parts or new cabling, bleeding hydraulic brakes, servicing a bottom bracket, etc.