Most Famous Motorcycle Racers of All Time

Most Famous Motorcycle Racers of All Time

Ever since the first motorcycle race was held in the early 1900s, the world has been hooked on two-wheelers. The sport attracted adrenaline junkies from all over the world and pitted them against each other. Many racers rose to stardom thanks to their driving skills and long eras where they dominated the competition.

One of the better ways of finding out who are the favourites in modern-day moto-racing is to check their chance of winning before each race as many bookmakers offer odds and sign-up bonuses. You can learn more here about the process of earning a bonus and getting started if you wish to, eventually, find out about the odds of modern-day motorcycle races. However, modern-day races are one thing, but what are some of the names that are guaranteed to echo throughout history?

Valentino Rossi

There is no denying that Valentino Rossi is one of the greatest racers of all time. Born on February 16 in 1979, he started his racing career at the age of five. In time, kart-loving Valentino transitioned into moto-racing and slowly climbed the categories, from 125cc to 250cc and 500cc, and finally to MotoGP. Nicknamed ‘The Doctor’, Valentino is the only racer in the history to have won World Championship in four classes. One in the 125cc category, one in 250cc, one in 500cc and a total of six titles in Moto Grand Prix.

Mike Hailwood

Hailwood was nicknamed ‘Mike The Bike’ for his natural capability to ride a variety of bikes with different engine capacities. He was born in 1940 and introduced to motorcycle racing at a tender age of 10 when he spectated a race alongside his father. Only a few years after that, he got an opportunity to partake in his first race ever at the age of 17 where he finished in the 11th place. In 1961, he won three races in three different categories (120cc, 250cc, 500cc) in just one week, becoming the first man in the Isle of Man TT to ever do so. Sadly, he lost his life just a few days before turning 40 in a car accident off the track.

Kenny Roberts

Born on December 31, 1951, Kenny Roberts was a professional motorcycle racer and a racing team owner. Prominent as a dirt track racer, he influenced and changed the style of riding GP motorcycles. He was the first American to win a Grand Prix and one out of four riders of AMA to win the AMA Grand Slam. His talent for dirt track racing has earned him wins in plenty local races, and in 1968, a local Suzuki dealer Bud Aksland offered to sponsor him. His first race was just a few days after he turned eighteen and he finished fourth at San Francisco’s Cow Palace.  Not afraid to speak up against the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme, his criticism led to improved safety standards and better payments for his fellow motorcycle racers.


Our list is comprised of the racers known for their accomplishments throughout different eras. However, there were many other racers that paved the road to the newer generations. Their records, racing styles, and personalities, both on and off the track, are just some of the reason we fell in love with them and regard them as heroes of the sport.