Most Notorious Biker Gangs Ever

Most Notorious Biker Gangs Ever

When motorcycling became popular after World War II, various motorcycle clubs were formed. The motorcycle clubs involved likely-minded individuals that enjoyed the adrenaline-filled life of riding motorcycles, partying and drinking. Most motorcycle clubs are comprised of law-abiding citizens, but some of the clubs decided not to follow the general rules and have their own set of bylaws that reflect biker’s culture. Even though 99% of the clubs have never engaged in any suspicious activity, it is that 1% that gets all the infamy and the attention.

In America, for example, those clubs not sanctioned by AMA are known as the outlaw motorcycle clubs. Many of them are infamous for their engagement in various criminal activities and, ironically, it is that 1% they use as their badge of honour.

Hells Angels

Even though it is not the oldest nor the most dangerous one, Hells Angels is still the best-known biker gang in the world. Founded in 1948 by Otto Friedli, the club is based in San Bernardino, CA. However, the club has many charters spread throughout the world, not just in the US. Red and white are club’s colours, and the logo is depicted by a death skull. To join, a potential member needs to have a right set of personal qualities and a motorcycle over 750cc. As a California based gang, they were involved in many turf wars with the Mongols over the control of California.


Warlocks were established in 1967 by Tom ‘Grub’ Freeland, an ex-US Navy veteran. They originated in Orlando, FL, and a Mother Chapter is still located there today. A blazing phoenix portrays the club’s insignia, and the club colours include yellow, black and crimson red. As is the case with Hells Angels, Warlocks are also global and have chapters in Canada, England, and Germany. In 1991, an undercover agent Steve Martin infiltrated the club, which resulted in multiple members getting arrested. On other occasions, members of Warlocks were convicted with weapon and drug charges.


The Bandidos Motorcycle Club was founded in 1966 by Don Chambers and is currently located in San Leon, TX. The club has more than 5000 members spread across 210 chapters and 22 countries. Their motto is ‘We are the people our parents warned us about’. Bandidos are also known for various criminal involvement in United States, Australia, Canada, and even Germany and Netherlands, mostly over their fierce rivalry with Hells Angels.


The 1%-er motorcycle clubs are infamous for a good reason. Even though they claim they are not involved in any criminal activity nor condone such business, a lot of their members have been arrested for gun and drug trafficking, kidnapping, and even murder. Watching Sons of Anarchy sure was fun, but the 1% biker gangs are as dangerous as they get.