Top 7 motorcycle brands – which are the best?

Top 7 motorcycle brands – which are the best?

Do you have the money to buy a motorcycle but you are not sure which are the best brands on the market? We will try to clear things up by giving you a few ideas. As for the rest of enthusiasts who still can’t a afford a bike, here’s a William Hill promo code to bet on your favourite sports and win the money for a fast beautiful motorcycle.

First, you have to understand there isn’t a company that excels at manufacturing all types of bikes. Some are better at making race bikes, some specialise in the touring types while others make the best adventure bikes out there. Our assessment is based on the overall performance and popularity of the manufacturer as seen by customers.


The general opinion is that Yamaha offers a full riding experience: potent engine, speed, comfort and good handling. The quality of the parts is great too. The company has years of experience in the motorcycle sector and thrived by keeping their clients happy. They don’t specialise in a certain type of bike and chose to manufacture high-quality motorcycles across all market segments.


BMW excels at manufacturing adventure bikes but also the sport-touring type. For example, the S 1000 RR is a major hit and competitor on the racing motorcycle market. You can rest assured that BMW offers the so-called German level quality.


If you are looking for a fast motorcycle with a reliable engine, Kawasaki is known to build exactly this. They also focus on dirt bikes and they have a pretty decent line of cruisers that rivals Harley-Davidson in terms of popularity. Still, sportbikes are their strong suit considering that the Kawasaki Ninja basically created the sportbike market in the 80s.


This company is one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers and makes all types of bikes from hardcore sportbikes to cruisers and large-displacement touring baggers. They are known to offer the ability to customise your ride according to your own specific preferences and to offer great aftermarket support.


Who wouldn’t love a Ducati? This Italian brand is very popular throughout Europe and makes high-end sport bikes that compete in MotoGP and other championships. While the quality and performance of their bikes are top nonotchesthese perks don’t come cheap.

Harley Davidson

The US manufacturer focuses mainly on large-displacement cruisers and touring bikes. The majority of their clients are hard core fans who would never try anything else than a chopper. We must admit that the aftermarket support is amazing.


And last, but definitely not least, we have Aprilia, an Italian brand that focuses on manufacturing good quality bikes at affordable prices. If you can’t afford a more expensive brand, Aprilia will definitely meet your standards in terms of quality, performance and styling.

So, these are the top 7 motorcycle brands to choose from. Each of them excels in a certain market segment and we recommend to think hard about what you seek in a bike. You will answer this by knowing what you’re going to use it for.